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"Prolly out wit cha friends actin like pimp, when u see me callin u, shut it down its time to roll, u remember last time come on...its a brand new episode..are you ready 4 your Curtain call?" "U know how they do they act, see u wit another man n they want you ass still fat, they still checkin 4 me, and never will u find another bitch like me..and I don't care what your friends say, what we had was like Jay n Beyonce or was it all a dream?" "hope you find what your looking for... back on the market, let's agree to disagree, don't explain shit to me I got my own money there's nobody, I need, I need, I need my own space...single again who's, who I'm minglin with..." "I was a girl, You was a man, I was too young, to understand, I was nieve, I just believed.. everything that you told me, said you was strong, tougher than me, then I found out that you were weak, keepin me there, under your thumb, cuz you were scared that I would become much more than you can handle.
HighSchool: Rocky Boy High School
College: The University of Montana
TV: FRIENDS....mostly all reality tv its some good shit! yaddamean....
Books: Confessions of a Video Vixen< that book is the shit!
Sports: Basketball, Volleyball that's about it!
Movies: All kinds......mostly scary ones i especially love having someone to hug up ta when they get real scary!
WhatImInto: Men, Men and More men! haha just kiddin too slutty! I'm just out searching for tha right man! U think u got it, well holla atcha girl!
MyBestFeatures: My Gorgeous face...I'm a Cree U Know!
MyDreams: To get the fuck out of Montana n make it big time!

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