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Just a little about me. I'm 32, single mother of 1, but will be mother of 2 at the end of the year. A lot of men tend to have a problem with that even if it's just on a friendship basis. So I guess that puts the ball in your court now. There is no baby's father drama, so no worries there. I love to play pool, go to the movies, go to car shows, bowling. nice drives and walks, races too. If you would like to talk or know anything, just ask. :) Approach me with respect. I'm not interested in your package, or what you say you can do with your tongue. I'm more interested in who you are. Grow up guys.
BestFeatures: Hmmm, I've been told my eyes, and my smile. Different ppl like different features so I guess that would be up to you. So..... What do you think my best feature is?

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